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Individual Item Prompts

In collaborative settings finding a common starting point can be challenging. To assist with this process, a series of discussion prompts were created for each of the survey questions to provide participants with a starting point to begin productive conversations. The prompts are designed to target conversations around the specific item of focus and to encourage critical thinking about the factors influencing that condition across the school. These tools are to be used following the construct item worksheets once specific survey items have been identified. Individual Item Prompts have been created for items in all eight of the constructs.


Construct Definitions

Time: Available time to plan, collaborate and provide instruction and barriers to maximizing time during the school day.

Facilities and Resources: Availability of instructional, technology, office, communication, and school resources to teachers.

Community Support and Involvement: Community and parent/guardian communication and influence in the school.

Teacher Leadership: Teacher involvement in decisions that impact classroom and school practices.

School Leadership: The ability of school leadership to create trusting, supportive environments and address teacher concerns.

Professional Learning: Availability and quality of learning opportunities for educators to enhance their teaching.

Instructional Practices and Support: Data and supports available to teachers to improve instruction and student learning.