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Research Base: Why do teaching and learning conditions matter? 

Teaching and learning conditions impact two significant areas of national interest: teacher retention and student learning. The following report summarizes the quantitative relationship between teaching and learning conditions and student learning and teacher retention. 

NTC Briefs Specific to TELL Kentucky

2017 TELL Kentucky Student Achievement and Teacher Retention Analyses 

2017 TELL Kentucky for D180 Schools 

2015 TELL Kentucky Student Achievement and Teacher Retention Analyses 

2014 TELL Cross-State Analysis of Results 

2013 Student Achievement and Teacher Retention Analysis 

2013 Preliminary Report of Findings  

District 180 TELL Results 2013  Compared to 2011 

2013 Perceptions of Different Educators 

2013 TELL Cross-State Analyses of Results 

Validity & Reliability 

NTC's Two-Hour Study Session with the Kentucky Board of Education to discuss policy development related to TELL findings, held August 7, 2013 

Additional TELL Research

School Leadership Counts is a research project that was conducted in partnership with Dr. Richard Ingersoll analyzes almost one million responses from our TELL survey 2011-2015 across 16 states. Click through to download the brief or the full report.