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Construct Indicator Worksheets

This particular set of tools is designed to help a participant move deeper into the survey data.

Use the Construct Indicator Worksheet doc to select a construct for focus.

Once a particular construct has been chosen, participants can utilize the tools below to drill down to very specific areas for closer examination and discussion.


Construct Definitions

Time: Available time to plan, collaborate and provide instruction and barriers to maximizing time during the school day.

Facilities and Resources: Availability of instructional, technology, office, communication, and school resources to teachers.

Community Support and Involvement: Community and parent/guardian communication and influence in the school.

Managing Student Conduct: Policies and practices to address student conduct issues and ensure a safe school environment.

Teacher Leadership: Teacher involvement in decisions that impact classroom and school practices.

School Leadership: The ability of school leadership to create trusting, supportive environments and address teacher concerns.

Professional Learning: Availability and quality of learning opportunities for educators to enhance their teaching.

Instructional Practices and Support: Data and supports available to teachers to improve instruction and student learning.